Kay Blade
# 9970  

$ 195.00

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85mm x 40mm

1,000-600 B.P.

Heat Treated Oolitic Quartzite

Butler County Missouri
A Large Size, Visibly Aged And Anciently Used, Typically And Well Made, Very Colorful Kay Blade That Exhibits Surface Sheen Coloration Aging And Stone Patination, Correct Aged Blade Sharpening Use Reduction, Correct Large Rounded Corner Notches And Expanded Stem, Aged Surface Soil And Aged Hinge Deposits, Correct Late Style Blade Flaking, Aging In The Corner Notching, Correct Material And Manufacture For The Area Found. Ex-Walter Mathis, Danny Bowen And Nick D. Longwith Collections. The Kay Blades Were Late Period Knives, Made And Used By The Mississippian Culture People. Includes Jackson Galleries And Ken Partain Certificates Of Authenticity.