Crescent Knife
# 9534  

$ 475.00

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172mm x 56mm

late Archaic Period

tan Chert

Llano County Texas
A Large Size, Somewhat Thin For The Size, Visibly Aged And Anciently Used, Nicely Shaped Late Archaic Period Crescent Knife That Exhibits Surface Oxidation Aging And Stone Coloration Patination, Visible Side To Side Extended Ground Or Element Exposure Difference, Correct Archaic Style Percussion Blade Flaking, Consistent Overall Aged White Caliche Midden Surface Deposits, Correct Material And Manufacture For The Area Found. Ex-Mark Humpal Collection. This Nice Example Has Sharpening Use Wear Along The Bottom, With Intentional Burin Along The Upper Tip Area, Also For Cutting. Includes Dwain Rogers And Ken Partain Certificates Of Authenticity.