Archaic Knife
# 9429  

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134mm x 45mm

Early Archaic Or Earlier


Southern Colorado
A Large, Very Thin For The Size, Colorful, Visibly Aged And Anciently Used, Exceptional Early Archaic Knife That Exhibits Surface Frosting Aging And Stone Coloration Patination, Evident U.V. Aged Bright Orange/Yellow Coloration Patination, Correct Early Archaic Style Blade Flaking, Correct Basal Shape And Overall Style, Correct Material And Manufacture For The Area Found. Found By James Wayde Davis, In The San Luis Valley Salt Flats, West Of The Great Sand Dunes. This Is An Outstanding, Thin, Very Highly Collectible Example, Made Very Rare, Highly Translucent, Snowflake Style Chalcedony. Includes Dwain Rogers And Ken Partain Certificated Of Authenticity.