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30mm x 16mm

800-500 B.P.

Ogallalla Quartzite Chert

Red River County Texas
A Small To Medium Size, Visibly Aged, Typically And Well Made Talco Arrowpoint That Exhibits Surface Oxidation And Stone Aging Coloration Patination, Visible Aged Surface Deposits, Aging Under The Hinge Fractures, Correct Late Style Flaking, Correct Material And Manufacture For The Area Found. The Talco Is Very Similar To The Maud Point Only Having An Angled Tip, Both Being Made By The Caddoan Culture And Most Often Found In Caches As Mortuary Offerings. Ex-Gilbert Cooper Collection. This Is A Nice Example, Displaying Age, Very Possibly Being In As Originally Made Condition. Includes Dwain Rogers And Ken Partain Certificates Of Authenticity.