Triangular Knife
# 1849  

$ 275.00

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107mm x 34mm

Early Archaic Period

Webber Falls Quartzite

Oklahoma - Arkansas River Near Tulsa
A Large Size, Visibly Anciently Use Sharpened And Used, Nicely Flaked From Difficult Material To Work, Triangular Shaped Knife, That Exhibits Surface Aging And Stone Dulling Coloration Patination, Hinge Fractured Edges Have Deep Coloration Edges, Correct Aged Blade Sharpening Use Reduction, Visible Aged Soil And Mineral Surface Deposits, Correct Material For The Area Found. Ex-John Richardson And Lonnie Hartline Collections. This Unique Knife Has A Thinned Sharpened Base With A Straight Bit, Possibly Used As A Purpose Other That Cutting As The Sharpened And Beveled Blade Edges Were. Includes Gregory Perino 3/6/2000 And Ken Partain Certificates Of Authenticity.