Bird Point Drill
# 1766  

$ 135.00

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48mm x 20mm

1,000-400 B.P.

Hi-Grade Translucent Agate - Made From A Flake

Coryell County Texas
A Rare, Large Size For The Type, Extremely Thin, Visibly Aged And Anciently Used, Very Nicely Made, Colorful Bird Point Drill That Exhibits Surface Sheen And Stone Coloration Aging Patination, Correct Overall Form And Style Manufacture, Aged Black Ash Soil In The Base Hinges And Blade Edges, Correct Blade Sharpening Use Reduction, Correct Material And Manufacture For The Area Found. The Type And Style Is Most Often Found With Late Period Arrow Points, Thus The Generic Name Of "Bird Point Drills" Was Given To The Type. Rarely Complete, Often Being Found Exhausted Or Broken. Includes A Ken Partain Certificate of Authenticity.