Mescal Knife
# 1758  

$ 95.00

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34mm x 35mm

Late Woodland/Historic Period

Heavy Visible Patinated Dark Grey Chert

Crockett County Texas - Perino Vol.1,pg. 251
A Small To Size, Well Made, Nicely Flaked Mescal Knife That Exhibits One Side Extended Element Or Ground Caliche Surface Aged Patination, Correct Style Flaking And Overall Shape, Aged Surface White Shell Caliche Deposits, Visible Correct Blade Surface Polish Use Wear For The Type, Correct Material And Manufacture For The Area Found. Ex-Don Screws Collection. The Mescal Knife Is Hafted In The Center Of A Horizontal Handle Having A Grip On Each Side Of The Blade. A Notch Was Cut In The Handle, The Blade Inserted, With A Portion Still In The Handle, And Used In That Position. Includes A Ken Partain Certificate of Authenticity.