San Patrice - Keithville Variety
# 1508  

$ 175.00

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44mm x 24mm

10,000-8,000 B.P.

Crowley's Ridge Cobble Cherrt

Clay County Arkansas
An Originally Large Size, Colorful, Anciently Aged And Visibly Use Sharpened And Used, Nicely Serrated Keithville Variety San Patrice Point That Exhibits A Lobed Style Base And Serrated Blade Edges, Correct Early Style Blade Flaking, Aged Soil And Mineral Surface Deposits, Correct Beveled Serrated Blade Sharpening Use Reduction, Aging In The Side/Corner Basal Style Notching, Correct Material And Manufacture For The Area Found. Ex-Rodney Blount Collection. This Is Very Collectible, Nicely Serrated, Early Period Artifact, Displaying Age And Ancient Use Wear, Being In Very Good Condition. Includes A Ken Partain Certificate Of Authenticity.