Peisker Diamond Knife
# 1494  

$ 225.00

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88mm x 40mm

2,500-2,000 B.P.

Arkansas River Cobble Chert

Perry County Arkansas
A Large, Thin For The Size And Type, Visibly Anciently Aged, Use Sharpened And Used, Uniquely Sharpened Peisker Diamond Knife That Exhibits Surface Oxidation Aging And Overall Stone Aged Patination, Polished Blade Hinge Use Wear, Aged Soil And Mineral Surface Deposits, Correct Woodland Style Blade Flaking, Correct Blade Sharpening Use Reduction, Correct Material And Manufacture For The Area Found. Ancient Both Blade Edge Repeated Use And Sharpening Has Left A Step Stack On One Side. By Feel This Example Was Possibly Used Being Hand Held And Has A Very Modern Day Knife Look. Includes A Ken Partain Certificate Of Authenticity.