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26mm x 14mm

1,200-400 B.P.

High Quality Novaculite

LeFlore County Oklahoma
A Small Size, Visibly Aged, Colorful, Very Well Made Morris Arrow Point That Exhibits Surface Frosting Aging And Stone Coloration Patination, Correct Bifurcated Style Base And Side Notching, Aged Soil And Mineral Surface Deposits, Visible Surface Coloration Aging, Correct Rounded Ears And Finely Serrated Blade Edges, Aging In The Notching And Serrations, Correct Material And Manufacture For The Area Found. Found At The Spiro Mound Complex, In A Large Group Of Offering Arrow Points. Ex-Dr. Robert Bell, Roy Hathcock And Dr.Jim Cherry Collections. This Example Has Good Collector History. Includes Cypress Valley ( Carlos Black ) Certificates Of Authenticity.