Calf Creek
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45mm x 43mm

8,000-5,000 B.P.

Reed Springs Chert

Searcy County Arkansas
A Medium To Normal Size, Repeatedly Anciently Use Sharpened And Visibly Aged, Colorful Calf Creek Point That Exhibits Surface Sheen Aging And Overall Stone Coloration Patination, Aging In The Basal Stem Notches, Correct Blade Sharpening Use Reduction, Correct Style Base, Notching And Overall Shape, Aged Surface Deposits, Correct Material And Manufacture For The Area Found. Repeated Use Sharpening Has Reduced The Blade Length And Width To The Hafted Area, Almost Resulting In The Elimination Of A Tang. Complete Calf Creek Points With Both Tangs Are Difficult To Obtain! Includes A Ken Partain Certificate Of Authenticity!