Iron Hoop Arrowpoint
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40mm x 18mm

Historic Period ( After 1,750 A.D. )

Iron Barrel Hoop

Found Near Fort Collins Nebraska
Metal Points Were Made During Historic Times As Metal Was Obtained From The Europeans, So Date After The I,750 A.D. Period. The Metal Arrow Points Were Used Approximately 100 Years After The European Arrival. Firearms Were Available For The Natives By Trading, But Not Always Serviceable And Gunpowder And Gun Supplies Were Expensive And In Short Supply. The Metal Iron Hoops From Barrels Were Especially Useful As Less Effort Was Required To Manufacture. Ex-Mitch Lewis Collection. One Of A Large Collection Assembled And Found By Merbel Daffenburgenr Near Fort Collins, Nebraska. Includes A Ken Partain Certificate Of Authenticity.