Dovetail ( St. Charles )
# 8323  

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70mm x 36mm

8,500 B.P.

Fort Payne Chert

Fulton County Kentucky
A Medium Size, Colorful, Very Well Made , St. Charles Dovetail Point That Exhibits Surface Sheen & Stone Aging Coloration Patina, Correct Rolled Basal Stem Edge Dulling, Aging In The Basal Stem Notches, Aged Mineral Deposits, Correct Style Of Flaking, Correct Blade Sharpening Reduction, Correct Material & Manufacture For The Area Found. Found By Bill Marlott. Several Sharpening Has Reduced The Blade Length And Width, Resulting In Steeply, Opposite Blade Beveled, Cutting Edges! Includes T & T Archaeological ( Grade 8 ) And Ken Partain Certificates of Authenticity!